nineteen days


Posted in naw ruz, the fast - 2008 by amysahba on March 22, 2008

“Since Thou hast adorned them, O my Lord, with the ornament of the fast prescribed by Thee, do Thou adorn them also with the ornament of Thine acceptance, through Thy grace and bountiful favor. For the doings of men are all dependent upon Thy good-pleasure, and are conditioned by Thy behest. Shouldst Thou regard him who hath broken the fast as one who hath observed it, such a man would be reckoned among them who from eternity had been keeping the fast. And shouldst Thou decree that he who hath observed the fast hath broken it, that person would be numbered with such as have caused the Robe of Thy Revelation to be stained with dust, and been far removed from the crystal waters of this living Fountain.”


Thank you, each and every one of you, for your love and encouragement these past nineteen days. We hope you have enjoyed viewing our little project as much as we have enjoyed putting it together, and you can rest assured we will be back in this space next year, on march 2nd, 2009.

But the truth is… the two of us enjoyed this regular pictures taking so much that we feel that we cannot stop. So, freed from the time limitations of dawn and dusk imposed by the Fast, we have decided to continue taking pictures, and sharing them with each other. As Bahá’ís we are enjoined to pray and meditate every morning and evening. Inspired by that timing we will also be taking pictures every morning and evening.

We hope you will follow us over at every morn and eve.

You can also keep track of our own personal adventures at our own personal blogs — montague and love from leila. Or you can see amy’s pictures here, and leila’s here.

With love,

amy & leila


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  1. Rochelle said, on March 22, 2008 at 6:11 am

    Thank you Amy and Leila, for this wonderful website, which I perused regularly during my fasting.
    I wish you both a very happy New Year!!

  2. Gloriajean Murphy said, on March 24, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Thank you very much. This has been truly inspirational.
    Happy Naw-Ruz.

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