nineteen days

2011 photographers

Here is a full list of the talented photographers contributing to nineteen days during the Bahá’í Fast of 2011. Please take some time to visit their sites and enjoy more of their sparkling work …

2 march 2011 – chad mauger (haifa, israel) & ashley southall (sandy, u.k.)

Chad hails from Adelaide, South Australia, and is proud to be a world citizen. He recently married the love of his life in the vicinity of the Shrines of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh in Israel and counts himself blessed, doubly blessed. He uses his camera as a tool to capture the details that he observes around him and some of the events that he considers important. He loves using new technology to practice an age-old process and hopes that his images pass on the joy and inspiration that other photographers have given him.

Ashley is a doctor during the week and a photographer at the weekend.  When one of his patients saw the photos in his consulting room they told him he was in the wrong job.  He wasn’t sure whether that was a compliment about his photos or an insult to his doctoring skills.  Maybe the fact that he can only afford one lens answers that question.

3 march 2011jaclyn leaver (austin, u.s.a.) & christian naenny (haifa, israel)

Jaclyn is getting a master’s in global-policy studies, specializing in gender and development. Laughing, not wearing socks, and photographing older people are some of her faves.

Christian says, “I’m a programmer/application engineer by profession. But my passion is photography since high school (1988). Shot a lot in black-and-white back in the film days. Right now I’m most interested in technologies only possible in digital, like full spherical panoramas, timelapses, HDR and infrared, and if possible the combination of all of those. Here in Haifa I’ve also started teaching photography.”

4 march 2011 kat eghdamian (london, u.k.) & augusta gordon (brooklyn, u.s.a.)

Kat is currently residing in London, where she is studying for her master’s degree in sociology and working for her majesty. Never believing she had a creative side (seriously), she first started experimenting with photography back in 2008 when her BFF insisted she document their travels across Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. Although she doesn’t consider herself a professional photographer, she is eternally grateful to her BFF and the connection she now has with the gift of creativity.

Augusta is originally from New Hampshire and after traversing the world has settled in the toughest/funnest/biggest/most diverse city in the States. She studied art in the past and is now studying to become a psychotherapist. Art is her lifeblood, something she woefully tends to forget from time to time. She believes that the act of taking photos is special, because it allows us to capture feelings, poignant elements, that cannot be conveyed through words alone.

5 march 2011 iain simmons (canberra, australia) & leili h. (fort smith, canada)

Amateur husband, amateur photographer … Iain is living in Canberra, Australia, and is married to a beautiful German girl named Kira, whom he has now imported into his home country.

Leili is a mental-health and addictions counsellor who is obsessed with photography. She is currently living with her husband in a remote community above the 60th parallel where life consists of snowmobiles, ice fishing and rabbit-fur hats. Her favourite word is “gratitude”.

6 march 2011 adib roy (bozeman, u.s.a.) & mauricio dumet (haifa, israel)

Adib was born and raised in Tanzania, lived and educated in India, and had the greatest bounty of serving at the Bahá’í World Centre for four-and-a-half years. He now finds himself in the last place on earth he would ever think of ending up at—Montana State University! He never received any formal training in the field, but says “I find it hard to think of something I am more passionate about and obsessed with, than photography! It’s changed my life, forever!” 😮

Mauricio says he’s “born and raised in Ecuador, always curious of my surroundings, in love with details, and have an incredible hunger for new places and cultures.”

7 march 2011 edit kálmán (budapest, hungary) & naeem ghafari (toronto, canada)

Edit says, “I am a photographer and an artist currently working in marketing and publications. The reason I love photography is that it resonates with both the beauty of the visible and the invisible.”

Naeem Ghafari is a good dude. Recently engaged (to Kadria Simons … what what, high-fives all around), he’s now discovered ironing and tucking in his shirt. He still takes photos with film. Pfft, what a weirdo.

8 march 2011 ronnie y. bindra (london, u.k.) & elizabeth sabet (santa ana, costa rica)

A keen photographer and founder of nineteen days‘ sister project, Nineteen Months, Ronnie can at weekends be found clicking shutters south of the River Thames, in Greenwich, London. During the week you can find Ronnie drilling & filling teeth in his other job. Ronnie feels honoured to take part in nineteen days once again but is worried that he is talking in the 3rd person.

Elizabeth lives in Costa Rica with her husband; her baby girl; and her dog, Hazel. Her early excitement about photography was rekindled a few years ago when her husband gifted her with a DSLR, so that she could “rediscover her creative side.”

9 march 2011 tamila zeinalova (bishkek, kyrgyzstan) & bobby aazami (los angeles, u.s.a.)

Tamila got her first camera while serving in the Holy Land, where she discovered her passion for photography and art in general. Now she wants to thank her first camera and feels it’s about time for a new one. She lives in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Bobby Aazami’s love for the visual medium was fostered at an early age in Iran after watching his first episode of “The Six Million Dollar Man” on television. Enamored with his TV set, Bobby explored his love for the arts by trying his hand in every medium, from music production to stand-up comedy, until he found contentment through the lens of a camera. He is currently the owner and creative director of “Our Favorite Day Photography

10 march 2011 brendan aaron (chicago, u.s.a.) & leili egea (haifa, israel)

Brendan Aaron runs marathons, a homeless shelter, an animal hospital, and a popsicle factory.  Actually, none of that is true.  But, he does take pictures.

Leili says, “I am currently living in Haifa, Israel, and constantly trying to challenge the way I look at the world through my lens.”

11 march 2011 fiona gohari (sydney, australia) & ramez krishnan (bristol, u.k.)

Fiona has had a passion for the visual image as long as she can remember but has only taken photography seriously in the last couple of years.  As an avid amateur writer, she loves how photography enables her images to speak as loud as any voice, without words ever being spoken.  An image is just one person’s point of view of the world, but the beautiful part is that so many other people connect and relate to that vision.

Ramez’s first camera at six years old was a bright blue plastic Fisher-Price with a viewfinder for each eye. Having dabbled in sports photography, these days the cameras Ramez uses most are the one on his phone and occasionally his Nikon when he’s feeling outlandish.

12 march 2011 anjali pala (brooklyn, u.s.a.) & sarah johnson (guam, u.s.a.)

Anjali is a recent transplant to Brooklyn, where she works as an editor and designer of illustrated books. She spends her days wrangling unruly typography, hanging out in museums, and thinking about art (and still can’t quite believe she gets paid for it). She dreams of one day traveling through Mongolia in a library on wheels.

Sarah is thankful to be able to participate in nineteen days.  She loves Amy and Leila and feels truly grateful that they put so much work into this project and energize all of us each year. [ed note: aaawww!]

13 march 2011 elliott vreeland (ross creek, australia) & omid toloui (santa monica, u.s.a.)

Elliott works as a budding electrical engineer in a gold-rush town. At present he spends his spare time designing incubators and tending to his selfless backyard poultry. He and his wife, Della, are patiently waiting for their new son to arrive into this world.

Omid is usually busy solving complex problems for various players within the health-care industry. In his free time, Omid enjoys embarking on culinary exploits, devouring periodicals, discovering old and new music, obsessing about gadgets, and posing as an amateur photographer of sorts.

14 march 2011 layli samimi-aazami (los angeles, u.s.a.) & na’im samimi-moore (beijing, china)

Layli moved from the prairies of South Dakota to bustling Los Angeles two months ago, where she’s giving freelance photography, blogging & surfing a whirl. She is a conflict transformator & strives to exist at the intersection between creativity & impact. Her current priority is to gather research & information on how to best marry her love for peace-building with healing, dialogue, creativity & the arts.

Na’im has a huge head that he likes to fill with art and spirituality.

15 march 2011 – shirin sahba moore (beijing, china) & kadria simons (toronto, canada)

Shirin Sahba is a human traveling painting act who seeks visual beauty in the most unlikely of places. Her next adventure involves an exhibition in Hong Kong & possibly delicious dumplings.

Kadria Simons loves photography. This year, as a teacher in training, she’s been helping 5-year-olds capture their impressions of kindergarten through photography. Her all-time favourite photo subject is still her fiancé.

16 march 2011 – negeen sobhani (oklahoma city, u.s.a.) & glenn loe (haifa, israel)

After being introduced to photography at age sixteen, Negeen’s learning continued through university where she studied fine-art photography and photojournalism. Negeen uses her medium to reflect to the world the reality and beauty she finds in its everyday.

Glenn says, “I am from the Solomon Islands currently serving at the Bahá’í World Centre, in Haifa, Israel. I like photography because I like to capture the beauty of nature.”

17 march 2011 – jalan sahba (maputo, mozambique) & leili towfigh (boston, u.s.a.)

Jalan says, “Loving life and all that uplifts and draws us closer to true beauty. Lately the winds have placed us in tropical Mozambique after many years spent in magical India. From the many experiences of life I have had, I feel compelled to create, so I design.”

Leili Towfigh is an educational technologist who also works as a photographer, painter, ceramic artist and writer. She has had opportunities to take photographs on five continents.

18 march 2011 ryan lash (kinshasa, democratic republic of the congo) & anyssa samari (brooklyn, u.s.a.)

Ryan‘s life-long dream is to visit each of the places in Red Grammer’s “Places in the World” song. And photograph them.

Anyssa says, “New York City is my most recent layover. Although I have a feeling I might be delayed for longer than expected. Photography: how interesting that we take three-dimensional life, with all its movement, smells, temperatures, actions, feelings, and time, and attempt to express this within two dimensions. But it works—so I do it.”

19 march 2011 mona reyhani (mannheim, germany) & alisa mappes (taipei, taiwan)

Mona was born in Germany, lived in the Czech Republic for a while, and can’t wait for the move to New Zealand—if that is ever going to happen. She is studying psychology, and because that can be a drag, photography gives her the perfect balance and makes her really happy.

Alisa loves taking photos, so long as she isn’t noticed for being anti-social for it: “Stop posing for the camera! I want it to look natural!” However, most of her shots are not of people but focus on the interplay of light and darkness, combining elements of east and west.

20 march 2011 amy youssefian sahba (?) & leila g.t. (colorado, u.s.a.)

Amy loves world-wide photographic collaborations, coffee, and her family … not necessarily in that order. Temporary homelessness turned out to be a lot more fun than expected!

Leila likes reading books, reading book reviews, reading about the process of writing, and reading about grammar. She also thinks that garlic can replace all the other flavours.

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  1. amysahba said, on February 27, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    terribly excited about this year’s line-up! Thank you all for participating and sharing your Fasts with all of us!

  2. Druzelle Cederquist said, on March 2, 2011 at 7:22 am

    Good morning. We passed around Vol.1 and read passages and enjoyed the photos last night at our Feast. So nice to share in that way.

    I want to mention nineteen days in my blog and wondered, do you have plans to publish more Vol 1’s or another volume from this blog?

    Warmest wishes for a beautiful Fast,

  3. leila said, on March 2, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Dear Druzelle,

    what a lovely idea! Thank you for letting us know. In answer to your question, we have already begun working on volume two of the “nineteen days” book, but the people who work on the book have gone through a lot of changes in the past year, mainly ones that have made them busier!, so it will be out later this year. We promise to keep you posted.


  4. […] the world to contribute, and every day a different pair of photographers shares their images. The 36 photographers slated for this year’s fasting season hail from the U.S. and Canada and from as far away as […]

  5. Atoosa said, on March 20, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    If this blog has not yet won a major internet creativity award, then I ask WHY NOT???? It is beautiful, inspiring, thought provoking and uplifting, not to mention artfully done.
    Coming here every day is most definitely one of the highlights of my Fast every year. Thank you for keeping it going and finding ever expanding pools of talent with which to enrich it.

    Happy Naw-Ruz!


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