nineteen days

2012 photographers

Here is a full list of the talented photographers contributing to nineteen days during the Bahá’í Fast of 2012. Please take some time to visit their sites and enjoy more of their sparkling work …

2 march 2012 – iain simmons (canberra, australia) & sarah johnson (guam, u.s.a.)
Iain‘s tag line reads “amateur husband, amateur photographer”. He is happily married to Australia’s best import—his beautiful German wife, Kira. He feels he probably spends too much time reading about cameras and photography and not enough time using them.
Sarah is thankful to be able to participate in nineteen days.  She loves Amy and Leila and feels truly grateful that they put so much work into this project and energize all of us each year.

3 march 2012 – elliott vreeland (ross creek, australia) & ashley southall (sandy, u.k.)
Elliott lives with his wife, Della, and 8-month-old son, Haydar, in a small community not terribly far from Melbourne. Lately, he has been rediscovering the roots of photography, having recently been gifted a retro, manual-only film camera.Ashley still only has one lens.  He has a new camera, though.

4 march 2012 –brianna baggett (silverstrand, u.s.a.) & shirin sahba moore (beijing, china)Brianna: Creating images is something that I will always have to do. It is not just my full-time job, it’s this aching inside my entire being—my passion, my focus, my daily grind. I love it. I hold true to the belief that photography is my way of showing appreciation toward nature, man-made objects, and people around me.

Shirin Sahba Moore is an artist in pursuit of the extraordinary. Part colour-scientist, part tinkerer, she finds inspiration in both the modern & the ancient …

5 march 2012 – anyssa samari (new york, u.s.a) & bobby the aazami (sydney, australia)
Hello! My name is Anyssa. I live in New York city. Sometimes I love it here, and sometimes I don’t love it at all. But I always love to take pictures.
Bobby‘s love for the visual medium was fostered at an early age in Iran after watching his first episode of “The 6 Million Dollar Man.” Enamored with his TV set, Bobby explored his love for the arts by trying his hand in every medium, from music production to stand-up comedy, until he found contentment through the lens of a camera.

6 march 2012 – leili towfigh (medford, u.s.a.) & na’im samimi-moore (beijing, china)
Leili Towfigh is an educational technologist who also works as a photographer, painter, ceramic artist and writer. She has had opportunities to take photographs on five continents.
Na’im likes to create things with his hands, eyes, mouth, and brain. He also likes to ingest the creativity of others with those same faculties. He lives in Beijing with his wife and their 19.6 million friends.

7 march 2012 – fiona gohari (sydney, australia) & philip blyth (queens, u.s.a.)
Fiona has had a passion for the visual image as long as she can remember but has only taken photography seriously in the last couple of years.  As an avid writer, she loves how photography enables her images to speak as loud as any voice, without words ever being spoken.  An image is just one person’s point of view of the world, but the beautiful part is that so many other people connect and relate to that vision.
Philip is a mixed-up, Belgo-British, NYC-based, interactive-media designer who—to his demise—is interested in everything. Lately, he’s been getting excited about Morgan 3-wheelers, Mike Mignola’s graphic novels, New England architecture, and his newborn son!

8 march 2012 – bre vader (boston, u.s.a.) & ronnie y. bindra (london, u.k.)
Bre: I live in Boston with my husband, Dave, and our two children, Milo (7) and Sonia (5).  We’re all currently (patiently) waiting for the referral of two children to join our family through adoption. I studied Art and Communications as an undergrad, but especially since becoming a mom, photography has played a leading role as an artistic expression of my life and family.
Hello. My name is Ronnie. You may or may not know me as one of the editors behind Nineteen Months, a sister project to this. I’m constantly humbled by the world around me. The funny thing is, when I’ve seen something once, it beckons me to see it again, in a different light (pun intended), and it is with this new light that I decide to paint with the shutter. So, bring me the light: I’ve got a story to tell.

9 march 2012 – sholeh loehle (wilmette, u.s.a.) & adrienne warren (edinburgh, scotland)
Sholeh is an event planner, spends a lot of time in her kitchen, and wishes she lived in a warmer place (but loves Chicago anyway). She has developed a book-collecting habit that is threatening to get out of hand, and is an editor for Nineteen Months.
Adrienne is director and researcher of an international-relations and Eastern European human-rights institute in Tallinn, Estonia. A long-time lover of the art of photography, she began taking a picture a day while pioneering in Estonia, attempting to capture the rustic quirks of Estonian life and the beauty in the things we may pass by every day without noticing. Although far from being a professional, she found that permanently adopting the view of the world that a camera’s lens gave her made her appreciate that everything, and everyone, has a spirit, scars, a story, and that their beauty lies within these things.

10 march 2012 – leili egea (haifa, israel) & faham foroodi (quito, ecuador)
Leili Egea never leaves the house without a camera and forces herself to find something unique every day. She believes that the simplest things in life are the most beautiful.
Faham has lived in Quito his whole life and is studying journalism. He loves to take pictures from all around and is glad to be smiling all the time.

11 march 2012 – layli samimi-aazami (los angeles, u.s.a.) & ryan lash (brooklyn, u.s.a.)
Layli Samimi-Aazami lives in beautiful Los Angeles, where she works as a portrait photographer, among many other things. She is a conflict transformator & strives to exist at the intersection between creativity & impact, always seeking the deeper layers of life. Her current focus is to gather research & information on how to best marry her love for peace-building with healing, dialogue, creativity & the arts.
After many years of directionless cavorting, Ryan is in the process of settling closer to his most beloved people and things; namely, his lovely fiancée and, farther down the list, his unwieldy collection of semi-functional cameras.

12 march 2012 – negeen sobhani (oklahoma, u.s.a.) & jaclyn leaver (austin, u.s.a)
After being introduced to photography at age sixteen, Negeen’s learning continued through university, where she studied fine-art photography and photojournalism. Negeen uses her medium to reflect to the world the reality and beauty she finds in its everyday.Jaclyn currently resides in Austin, Texas, and thinks it’s one of the best places she has ever lived. She really enjoys surrounding herself with friends who make her laugh, using her film camera (so old school), and doing ballet on Thursdays.

13 march 2012 – alisa mappes (taipei, taiwan) & chad mauger (haifa, israel)
Alisa loves taking photos, so long as she isn’t noticed for being anti-social for it: “Stop posing for the camera! I want it to look natural!” However, most of her shots are not of people but focus on the interplay of light and darkness, combining elements of east and west.
Chad hails from Adelaide, South Australia, and is proud to be a world citizen. His camera is merely a tool he uses to capture the details that he observes, as he sees them, but finds the process of capturing an image has the potential to be deeply—even spiritually—moving. Weddings are among his favourite events to photograph. He loves sharp lenses and using old and new technology to practice an age-old process, and he hopes that his images pass on the joy and inspiration that other photographers have given him.

14 march 2012 – sjona bro (michigan, u.s.a.) & christian naenny (haifa, israel)
Sjona: I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, and soon to be an aunt, and right now nothing makes me happier than the thought of meeting my little nephew and showering him with kisses and squeezes!
Christian: I’m a programmer/application engineer by profession. But my passion is photography since high school (1988). I shot a lot in black-and-white back in the film days. Right now I’m most interested in technologies that are only possible in digital, like full-spherical panoramas, time lapses, HDR and infrared, and, if possible, the combination of all of those. Here in Haifa I’ve also started teaching photography.

15 march 2012 – tamila zeinalova (bishkek, kyrgyzstan) & kadria simons (toronto, canada)
Tamila got her first camera while serving in the Holy Land, where she discovered her passion for photography and art in general. Now she wants to thank her first camera and feels it’s about time for a new one. She lives in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Kadria is in the last semester of her MA in Child Study & Education at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on the child’s eye view and innovative methodologies that document children’s learning. Her all-time favourite photo subject is her husband.

16 march 2012 – elizabeth sabet (santa ana, costa rica) & mona reyhani (mannheim, germany)
Elizabeth is from Kathmandu, New York City, and now Santa Ana, Costa Rica, too.  She loves her morning coffee, believes everything can be improved with a bit of hot sauce, and enjoys photographing her family and surroundings with her Canon 7D.
Mona adores taking pictures. When there’s a camera around you can be sure it’ll land in her hands. To Mona there is nothing more fascinating than capturing beauty and emotions in photographs.

17 march 2012 – mauricio dumet (atlanta, u.s.a.) & kat eghdamian (geneva, switzerland)
Mauricio: I’m getting used to the post-Haifa life in Atlanta and feeling extra lucky to share all the transition with my lovely “partner in crime”, Becky Miller-Dumet. I decided to follow my passion for photography, and now my business is starting to see some fruits.
After living in six countries across four continents, Kat is currently residing in Geneva, Switzerland—still travelling, still an amateur photographer. She will be spending this fasting period at the UN Human Rights Council, putting her hunger pangs in perspective.

18 march 2012 – alison bird (maputo, mozambique) & razi wilson (los angeles, u.s.a.)
Alison has loved photography since she was a little girl.  Her first camera was the Olympus OM-1.  She loves that photography tests her on so many levels and that, through the lens, she finds so much beauty in the world.
Razi is an at-home mom to 2 boys (4 & 7) and a wife to a super husband in sunny Los Angeles. She double-majored in Art Therapy and Photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Recently she won the “most awesome family photographer in Los Angeles” award from She loves to capture LOVE with her camera: in families, at weddings, with kids and pregnant bellies.

19 march 2012 – edit kálmán (budapest, hungary) & anjali pala (venice, italy)
Edit says, “I am a photographer and an artist currently working in marketing and publications. The reason I love photography is that it resonates with both the beauty of the visible and the invisible.”
Anjali lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she collaborates with artists and curators to create books about art. She is currently on assignment in Venice, printing a book about the Italian Renaissance and eating excessive amounts of gelato.

20 march 2012 – amy youssefian sahba (santa ana, costa rica) & leila g.t. (colorado, u.s.a.)
Amy realizes that having children makes it harder to carry one’s camera everywhere. What a cliché.
Leila is a logophile, bibliophage, and  grammaticaster, which means that she yells “IT’S ‘WHOM'” at the world a lot. She likes hilarious moments in very bleak times, so she’s already started teaching her daughter Croatian.

6 Responses

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  1. amysahba said, on February 29, 2012 at 10:50 am

    thrilled about this incredible line up! so excited to be a part of this with all of you!

  2. Aimee said, on February 29, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    I’m totally looking forward to seeing this year’s collection of inspiration – collecsperation? Yeah. I’m rolling with it… and I’m STILL excited!

  3. Pamela said, on March 2, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Looking forward to viewing and reading this wonderful blog! Your book and the site have helped me remain focused, aware and united with all Bahá’ís who observe the fast around the globe! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Marie Richter said, on March 3, 2012 at 5:31 am

    I love it!

  5. Kit said, on March 3, 2012 at 9:55 am

    A LOVING shout-out to all of you whom I know (catch that, Leila g.t.?). Great excitement to see each one of your gifts, your hearts’ and your souls’ expressions.

  6. Atoosa said, on March 3, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    As always I am full of quiet contentment and gratitude as the Fast begins, and this project has definitely become one of the things I am thankful for this month. Thank you for adding to the inspiration, learning and joy of this sacred month.

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