nineteen days

day thirteen

Posted in the fast - 2012 by leila on March 14, 2012

Even as the clouds let us shed down tears, and as the lightning flashes let us laugh at our coursings through east and west. By day, by night, let us think but of spreading the sweet savours of God. Let us not keep on forever with our fancies and illusions, with our analysing and interpreting and circulating of complex dubieties. Let us put aside all thoughts of self; let us close our eyes to all on earth, let us neither make known our sufferings nor complain of our wrongs. Rather let us become oblivious of our own selves, and drinking down the wine of heavenly grace, let us cry out our joy, and lose ourselves in the beauty of the All-Glorious.”


In reality thou art spiritually hungry and athirst for the Water of Life. Therefore I send thee spiritual food and bestow upon thee the Water of Life Eternal. That food is the divine advices and exhortations revealed in the Tablets and the spiritual outpourings of the Breath of the Holy Spirit. I hope ere long it will reach thee and thou wilt behold what an exhilaration and beatitude it produceth and what cheerfulness and serenity and what heavenly emotions it createth!”


sjona bro/left (michigan, u.s.a.): The Fast has never been an easy time for me. Every night of the year we are to bring ourselves to account, and then strive to have a better tomorrow. The Fast then becomes the time of the year where I bring myself to account for the past 300-and-some days that have gone by, and make a decision to strive for a better year ahead … and that is never easy.

christian naenny/right (haifa, israel): The time of the fast this year has been quite challenging, as the fast coincides with the last phase of a very important project at work. I had hoped for more time to contemplate. But now the time between sunrise and midnight is filled with work. At least I have found a bit of time to contribute to the Nineteen Days project as well!


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  1. Jena said, on March 15, 2012 at 11:56 am

    beautiful shots, guys…
    christian, this made me miss the holy land…so much!
    enjoy the shrines and lunch room – spiritual and material food – for the ones who are already gone 😉

  2. samimi said, on March 16, 2012 at 3:38 am


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