nineteen days

2013 photographers

Here is a full list of the talented photographers contributing to nineteen days during the Bahá’í Fast of 2013. Please take some time to visit their sites and enjoy more of their sparkling work …

2 march 2013—shahriar erfanian (vancouver, canada) & kat eghdamian (london, uk)
Shahriar has been in love with his wife for three years, his son for eight months, and photography forever. He has Persian blood, an Ecuadorian heart, and Canadian residency, but he believes that photography transcends all of these descriptions and dividers. He uses photography to express his love for natural, man-made and human beauty, and he is thrilled to be a part of this project. // Kat feels blessed to participate in this photography project for another year. Still gallivanting around the globe, she couldn’t tell in advance where she will be over these nineteen days. She’ll settle down soon. It’s a process.

3 march 2013—fiona gohari-aazami (sydney, australia) & adib roy (charleston, wv, usa)
Fiona first picked up a camera in her early teens, as her father taught her the basic principles of his Minolta SLR. Learning on film gave her a solid appreciation of the photographic medium, but it was only through the development of her writing and the way she sees the world that she was able to create the imagery she has now formed through her observations of human interactions. Developing a deeper understanding of how “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, Fiona looks outside of the box to shift her focus to an intrinsic level to discover the light that shines through the life of every person and every thing around us. She met her husband, Bobby Aazami, on the nineteen days project two years ago, and they now work side by side at Fiona + Bobby Photography. // Adib was born and raised in Tanzania, lived and was educated in India, and had the greatest bounty of serving at the Bahá’í World Centre for four and a half years. After a long two years in school at Montana State University, he now finds himself in the small town of Charleston, West Virginia! The highlight of his week is his little junior youth group.

4 march 2013—pj andrews (washington, dc, usa) & bronwyn proctor (vancouver, canada)
Hello! My name is PJ Andrews and I love taking photos. I regularly annoy friends and family by asking them to hold on just a second so I can stand in the middle of an intersection to catch that awesome angle with the light on that building over there! I have enjoyed following nineteen days since its inception and am honored to be a part of this noble project that brings together the beauty of the world around us, insight through reflection, and the power of the Creative Word during the Fast. // Bronwyn believes that attraction to beauty is a force that should direct our actions. Photography is one way she attempts to capture some of that beauty. She’s currently completely enthralled by the beauty of her brand-new niece.

5 march 2013—brianna baggett (brooklyn, usa) & christian naenny (zurich, switzerland)
Brianna: I am a daydream catcher, a sunshine worshiper, a New York City stomper, an eternal worldly wanderer … I yearn to create, love to act, and live to photograph. My husband and dogs lift me up, and exploring this vast concrete jungle that surrounds me makes me feel alive. I am on the verge of finding what success means to me. // Christian: is a system engineer by profession and a photographer by passion. He is happy to be married to a photographer by profession.

6 march 2013–golriz lucina (atwater village, ca, usa) & shirin sahba (beijing, china)
Golriz doesn’t like writing about herself in the third person. Or even in first person. To be honest, bio-writing makes her uneasy, as does opening gifts in front of others, so she is basically stalling in order to fill up two lines and she hopes this counts. // When she’s not getting up to all kinds of mischief, you can find Shirin painting & practicing her Fred Astaire moves in her Beijing studio.

7 march 2013—iain simmons (canberra, australia) & jaclyn leaver (washington, dc, usa)
Iain’s tag line reads “amateur husband, amateur photographer”. He is happily married to Australia’s best import: his beautiful German wife, Kira. He works in the web team of a government department, which helps to keep him online almost 24/7. // Jaclyn: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”—Dr. Seuss. Now, go out there and be awesome.

8 march 2013—chad mauger (adelaide, australia) & adrienne warren (tallinn, estonia)
Chad hails from Adelaide, South Australia. Having shot digital since before 2007, in 2011 he took what some might call a “step backwards” and started shooting medium-format film, first with a borrowed Hasselblad 500C and then with his newly acquired Mamiya RB67. Shooting with film is currently his favourite thing to do, but he still enjoys shooting digital, too. He finds the process of capturing an image has the potential to be deeply—even spiritually—moving. “Photography is an itch that won’t go away. No matter how much you scratch it.” (Dara McGrath). // Adrienne is director and researcher of an international-relations and Eastern European human-rights institute in Tallinn, Estonia. A long-time lover of the art of photography, she began taking a picture a day while pioneering in Estonia, attempting to capture the rustic quirks of Estonian life and the beauty in the things we may pass by every day without noticing. Although far from being a professional, she found that permanently adopting the view of the world that a camera’s lens gave her made her appreciate that everything, and everyone, has a spirit, scars, a story, and that their beauty lies within these things.

9 march 2013—anjali pala (brooklyn, ny, usa) & ashley southall (sandy, bedfordshire, uk)
Ashley: I love that photography is the perfect marriage of art and science.  I love that this project gives me the challenge to marry photography with the spiritual.

10 march 2013—philip blyth (queens, ny, usa) & bobby aazami (sydney, australia)
Philip is a mixed-up, Belgo-British, NYC-based, interactive-media designer who—to his demise—is interested in everything. Lately, he’s been getting excited about auto-tiling algorithms, the work of Chris Ware, micro-funding, and his one year-old son! // Bobby is one half of the dynamic duo known as Fiona + Bobby Photography. Individually, they are photographers who document the presence and energy of love at life celebrations. Together, they are narrative artists who love using photography as a medium to break down the barriers that often exist between the photographer and the muse to create timeless imagery that transcends language and culture.

11 march 2013—anyssa samari (brooklyn, usa) & lindsey lugsch-tehle (saint peter, mn, usa)
Hello! My name is Anyssa. I live in New York City. Sometimes I love it here, and sometimes I don’t love it at all. But I always love to take pictures. // Lindsey is a lover of Light. With a deep affinity for all things beautiful, she strives to capture moments of beauty with her paintbrush and camera lens—both languages that transcend syllables and sounds. When she isn’t covered in acrylics or carrying around her Nikon, Lindsey can be found dreaming, reading, laughing, baking, traveling, and conversing on the spiritual nature of life … usually (and preferably) alongside her husband, Adam. Lindsey and Adam founded Radiant Creation LLC.

12 march 2013—alison bird (kampala, uganda) & zach miloff (halifax, nova scotia, canada)
Alison lives in Mozambique with her husband, and she works in the development field for USAID.  She loves sharing her view of the world and capturing often overlooked gems through the lens.  She’ll be spending most of the Fast in Kampala, Uganda. // Zach spends most of his time in a state some call “dreaming.” When he’s not exploring other worlds, he enjoys exploring this one.

13 march 2013—leili towfigh (boston, ma, usa) & kadria simons (toronto, on, canada)
Leili Towfigh is an educational technologist who also works as a photographer, ceramic artist, designer, painter and writer. She has had opportunities to take photographs on five continents. // Kadria (Toronto, ON, Canada) is currently pursuing a PhD in Developmental Psychology and Education at the University of Toronto. This year, she’s carrying out a study that focuses on how children photo-document their own learning in full-day kindergarten.

14 march 2013—saia tu’itahi (auckland, new zealand) & bre vader (boston, ma, usa)
With a passion for a variety of forms of art, Saia is slowly trying to develop his knowledge and appreciation of photography. Grateful to be part of such a beautiful project, he attempts to share the application of this knowledge with his contributions. // Bre: Living in Boston with my husband and our two children … lover of soft light, late nights, coffee, travel and kind people.

15 march 2013—glenn loe riasage (japan) & elliott vreeland (mt. helen, vic, australia)
Glenn: Love seeing beauty through the lenses of the camera. // Elliott lives with his beautiful wife and 20-month-old son in a house with a steep driveway. Working as an engineer, he wishes he could take a camera into some of the cool factories he gets to visit for work.

16 march 2013—mauricio dumet (atlanta, ga, usa) & leili egea (haifa, israel)
Mauricio: has been living in Atlanta for a year and a half now while going back to school and trying to re-invent himself. He absolutely loves photography, misses his photo-shoots and wishes he had more time with a camera these days… // Leili lives in Haifa, Israel, and dreams of a day when photographs will be captured by the twinkling of an eye.

17 march 2013—ryan lash (brooklyn, ny, usa) & layli samimi-aazami (los angeles, ca, usa)
No longer aimlessly wandering the globe, Ryan has recently settled in New York City with his beautiful wife and rapidly growing camera collection. // Layli: i am a human being breathing in the ever-sunny, golden los angeles air, summoning dolphins on the weekly off the cliffs in malibu, trying to not overdose on cappuccinos, trying to overdose on always bringing my camera with me. everywhere. trying to connect with everyone i come in contact with a smile and some love. always laughing at everyone’s jokes, especially my own. perpetually missing my family, grateful for my husband and all my dear friends, perpetually longing for nostalgia—the pine ridge prairies, the aqua mediterranean, and the misty alaskan old growth forests. master in the transforming of conflict. darn excited to be opening my very own photography print shop this month. honored to have such dearly beloved Bahá’í friends and family scattered all around this beautiful planet. honored to know what God’s love feels like. blessed to know who Bahá’u’lláh is. beyond grateful to have the awareness that i have a soul and that what’s REAL is that this is a spiritual life we’re living. respekt.

18 march 2013—na’im samimi-moore (beijing, china) & kyan bayani
Na’im: If you dig a hole through the earth, and come out the other side, you will probably be in the ocean and not, as many assume, my neighborhood. //

19 march 2013—victor jason (tampere, finland) & negeen sobhani (oklahoma city, ok, usa)
While writing his bio, Victor realized that he likes talking about himself in the third person. His spectacular wife and daughter serve as his constant inspiration for everything he does. When he is not being distracted by beautiful things or anything otherwise distracting, he can be found near the coffee machine. Victor is also humbled and deliriously happy that he was asked to join the nineteen days project. He also likes taking photographs. // Negeen shot her first roll of film at age ten and has kept those negatives and every one since then for the past twenty-eight years. This has caused storage issues. She sees the world as a living, perpetual work of art from which she earnestly tries to abstract its moments. In each moment, or photograph, she aims to present the distinct beauty of the ordinary.

20 march 2013—amy youssefian sahba (santa ana, costa rica) & leila (sydney, australia)
amy adores leila. and ice cream. // leila loves amy and hopes one day they can meet.

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