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day sixteen

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“O SON OF LIGHT! Forget all save Me and commune with My spirit. This is of the essence of My command, therefore turn unto it.”


Thou seest me, O my God, holding to Thy Name, the Most Holy, the Most Luminous, the Most Mighty, the Most Great, the Most Exalted, the Most Glorious, and clinging to the hem of the robe to which have clung all in this world and in the world to come.


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golriz lucina/left (los angeles, usa): Our day began with an earthquake and ended with a full moon.

And in between, I am pretty sure I felt all the feelings that a mother can have. That exhausting push and pull between wanting tomorrow to come sooner, and mourning that today is already over.

And yes, I outsourced my dawn photo to my husband.  Because … sleep.


shamsi rock/right (wellington, new zealand):  This time of year reminds me so much of my Mum, she always approached the Fast with humility, gratitude, grace, and humour.

When I was old enough to start fasting, I couldn’t believe how hard it was. But had seen how much my mum loved each moment of it, and because of that example, each year it became a little easier for me. That’s not to say that I don’t struggle, but as I get older, as the Fast approaches, I find it is as if I am approaching an oasis in the desert. I am so mindful of the example my mother showed me, and the example I show for my own kids especially on those days when I am struggling.

This year I am dedicating my Fast to my mother, to my mother in law, and to the many amazing women in my life who live their lives as an example of grace and fortitude every day.


day sixteen

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“Thou seest, O Thou Who art my All-Glorious Beloved, the restless waves that surge within the ocean of my heart, in my love and yearning towards Thee.”


“Glory to Thee, O my God! The first stirrings of the spring of Thy grace have appeared and clothed Thine earth with verdure. The clouds of the heaven of Thy bounty have rained their rain on this City within whose walls is imprisoned Him Whose desire is the salvation of Thy creatures. Through it the soil of this City hath been decked forth, and its trees clothed with foliage, and its inhabitants gladdened.


laylisamimi - DAWNryanlash-March17-mornlaylisamimi - DUSKryanlash-March17-eve

layli samimi-aazami/left (los angeles, ca, usa): The Fast is a true bounty, while being humbling, centering, exhausting & exhilarating. I have felt suspended between two worlds this Fast, as if I’m neither here nor There, the spirit world feeling ever so close and surrounding me, but still not something I can fully submerge myself in … I am a spiritual being in a human body, resounding throughout. My longing to be close to God & Baha’u’llah during this Fast has been overwhelming and ever-present; I believe this Fast is helping me to realize just how we should constantly be searching for God in all the ways in our daily lives, and to continually be considering how to draw ever-closer. When I sleep at night, I feel as though I sleep so deep, as if I’m a child that needs good rest in order to face the next day; fitting i think, and this makes me feel good because soon, we are facing the New Year. This Fast has been teaching me that I need to surrender more often and realize [and honor] how truly great & awesome [in the true sense] Baha’u’llah’s love is and how deeply He cares for us, and how He always is here to love us up – we just have to TRUST. 

ryan lash/right (brooklyn, ny, usa)I’ve never been much of a morning person, always having to struggle to tear myself away from the warmth of my blankets. The fast was the one time of the year that I found it slightly easier to rouse myself from my bed and think of prayer and nourishment. But over the past year, something very surprising has happened; I’ve become a morning person. And now never more so than during the fast. I awake, the kettle goes on for tea, breakfast is made, and eaten, and enjoyed; prayers are recited, a moment is taken to reflect on the start of the day. I cherish these moments in the morning so much now, and I feel bad that I missed so many of them.

day sixteen

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O Befriended Stranger! The candle of thine heart is lighted by the hand of My power, quench it not with the contrary winds of self and passion. The healer of all thine ills is remembrance of Me, forget it not. Make My love thy treasure and cherish it even as thy very sight and life.”


amy: we have made arrangements for our Pilgrimage, we are going in june. this evening, i read some passages about some of the early Bahá’ís from north america and europe that traveled to Israel for Pilgrimage, in the early nineteen hundreds. I was so moved to hear about their experiences there, and i felt so blessed to be able to partake in this experience myself. so soon.

leila: this morning it rained a little. when it cleared up, i took a long walk. as usual, i am Planning, Wondering, Hoping on these perambulations around this neighbourhood. i plan for the future, wonder what the future will be like, and hope that the future carries with it some of the fragrant spirit of these spiritual days of fasting.

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