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2009 photographers

here is the full list of the wonderful, talented photographers contributing to nineteen days during the Fast of 2009. Please take some time to visit their sites, and enjoy more their wonderful work…

2 march 2009 – reed t. jones currently resides in brooklyn with a 135mm f2.0 and is expecting a 50mm f1.4. he has only been with his 50D for a few weeks but he thinks it is getting serious. they are currently planning a few projects together in hopes of working on an exhibit by the end of 2009.

3 march 2009 – shirin sahba is firstly amy‘s sister-in-law, & secondly, a painter. she is constantly seeking inspiration in both the modern & the ancient. she currently reside on vancouver island, with her dear husband na’im samimi moore (see below!).

4 march 2009 – ronnie yousefzadeh lives in London, england. his approach to photography is experimental in the sense that he likes to constantly challenge himself and be as spontaneous as possible. beauty lies in all creation, sometimes you have to look hard to find it.

5 march 2009 – golriz lucina is a marketing manager for touring broadway productions and currently lives in nashville, tennessee (which still surprises her). after coveting her father’s Olympus, she was given her first point-and-click camera when she was ten and although she was annoyed that it didn’t have nearly enough buttons and shiny knobs to turn, her love for photography has been a constant ever since.

6 march 2009 – na’im samimi-moore can usually be found hunched in a dimly-lit room surrounded by depressing books, boxes filled with markers, and well-developed checklists. he is not to be considered a photographer, but simply a camera-owner.

7 march 2009 – sholeh loehle resides in the chicago area and recently served at the Bahá’í world center in haifa, israel.  she has been blogging continuously since 2001, likes books, new media, tea, strange tangents, and handwritten letters.

8 march 2009 – kadria simons has an endless fascination with portraits. she loves classic, black and white photography and derives much inspiration from great ones like Henri Cartier-BressonRobert Capa, and Martin Munkacsi. she has an unquenchable thirst for travel.

9 march 2009 – elizabeth sabet lives in brooklyn with her husband and (soon) a puppy! her early excitement about photography was rekindled a few years ago when her husband gifted her with a DSLR, so that she could “rediscover her creative side.”

10 march 2009 – alison bird believes that every photo can tell a story. she very much aspires and strives to develop this capacity. but she has no rules, she just to follows her heart. alison lives in angola.

11 march 2009 – saleem vaillancourt likes taking photos for fun. other things are hard work and photos can be too, but he doesn’t take them that seriously, it’s jut a whimsical skip and dance for him. he also likes taking photos because that way it’s impossible to appear in them. saleem is currently living in singapore.

12 march 2009 – layli samimi-moore is currently living in South Dakota working with the Native American population for her Master’s degree in Conflict Transformation. Inspired by all things rad and awesome, Layli adores her polaroid camera and takes it with her everywhere she goes. Photography for her is all about obvious staged photoshoots with elaborate settings and eccentric costumes.

13 march 2009 – philip blyth is a Belgian/British/NYC-based freelance interactive media designer with a burning passion for communication and photography.

14 march 2009 – manijeh afnan-murray lives in cambridge, england. she loves animals and visiting family and friends around the world. she doesn’t make it to new york nearly often enough, and her sister-in-law amy wishes she did!

15 march 2009 – bespectacled and besneakered, anjali pala lives in cambridge, ma, where she makes books, photographs, and weird things out of wool. the newest addition to her photographic family is harold, a venerable polaroid sx-70. she is happiest when blending text and images.

16 march 2009 – leili towfigh is an educational technologist who also works as a photographer, painter and ceramic artist. She has had opportunities to take photographs on five continents. She lives in Boston.

17 march 2009 – negeen sobhani has been doing photography for about 15 years and graduated with a degree in photojournalism at the university of central oklahoma. she has spent half of those 15 years living in italy and israel, working briefly as a stringer for AP, then an english teacher, now a mother and always, always photographer both at heart and in practice.

18 march 2009 – liam keenan loves glasgow / traveling / people / music.

19 march 2009 – omid toloui lives in sunny southern california. he thinks of himself as ‘an amateur photographer of sorts. omid has a distinct and well developed love for all things italian.

20 march 2009 – ryan lash is a globe-trotting photographer, that has been taking photos since he was in high school. his work has been published in books, newspapers and magazines. he likes his lenses wide and fast.

21 march 2009 – Naw-Rúz – all photographers.

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  1. nineteen days « Ronster said, on March 2, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    […] Starting on the 2nd of March and ending on the 20th March, ‘nineteen days’ will feature 3 photographers (and 3 photos) everyday. Two photographers will always be the same. Amy Sahba and Leila, whilst everyday will feature one new ‘guest’ photographer. […]

  2. Samira said, on March 27, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Hi there,
    I read that the first calendar got sold out…
    I was just wondering if any of the other calendars of the following years are still available to be sold….

    • leila said, on February 21, 2013 at 12:48 am

      Hi, Samira! So sorry for the (ahem) year-long delay in response! We printed a limited-edition of our first book (photos and quotes, like an illustrated prayer book) a few years ago and so far haven’t designed another one since! it’s something we’d love to do, but it requires a lot of coordination. We will be letting people know about any future books on this site, though! Thank you so much for your comment.

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