nineteen days

day seven

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Thou hast endowed every hour of these days with a special virtue, inscrutable to all except Thee, Whose knowledge embraceth all created things.”


Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form

When within thee the universe is folded?”

the Imam Ali, quoted by Baháu’lláh

Nineteen Days - DAWNIMG_2241 Nineteen Days - DUSKIMG_2377

nazanin mondschein/left (east london, uk): Feeling hyper-aware this fast so as to not miss out on catching glimpses of the spiritual mysteries that are to be gleaned from this special time.

makini boothe/right (maputo, mozambique): The fasting period is my faaaavorite time of the year! It is at this time when I reflect, reconnect, recuperate and try to build routines into my life that will sustain me during the upcoming year. I am currently trying to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n., learning to appreciate moments and attempting to cultivate a sense of both calm and stillness though every experience. Perhaps to do this is to accept that 5:47am may feel differently than 6:13pm. That all the hours, minutes, and seconds that make up the day are like all the laughter, confusion, and joy that make up a person.


day six

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When we observe that in the kingdom of minerals the divine bounties are continuous, how much more shall we expect and realize in the divine spiritual Kingdom! How much greater the radiation of the lights of God and the bounty of everlasting life upon the soul of man! As the body of the universe is continuous, indestructible, the bounties and bestowals of the divine spirit are everlasting.”


“I beseech Thee, O my God, by all the transcendent glory of Thy Name, to clothe Thy loved ones in the robe of justice and to illumine their beings with the light of trustworthiness.”


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kadria simons/left (toronto, canada): During these special days, I have been reflecting on how small adjustments in our spiritual life make a difference in our material life. An open heart can lead to new and strengthened friendships. Letting go of the past inspires a renewed energy and focus on the present. Most of all, thoughts of gratitude fill the heart with love.

jaclyn leaver/right (washington dc, usa): I choose happiness. I choose joy. I choose strength. I choose perseverance. I choose love.

day five

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From the sweet-scented streams of Thine eternity give me to drink, O my God, and of the fruits of the tree of Thy being enable me to taste, O my Hope! From the crystal springs of Thy love suffer me to quaff, O my Glory, and beneath the shadow of Thine everlasting providence let me abide, O my Light! Within the meadows of Thy nearness, before Thy presence, make me able to roam, O my Beloved, and at the right hand of the throne of Thy mercy, seat me, O my Desire! From the fragrant breezes of Thy joy let a breath pass over me, O my Goal, and into the heights of the paradise of Thy reality let me gain admission, O my Adored One! To the melodies of the dove of Thy oneness suffer me to hearken, O Resplendent One, and through the spirit of Thy power and Thy might quicken me, O my Provider! In the spirit of Thy love keep me steadfast, O my Succorer, and in the path of Thy good-pleasure set firm my steps, O my Maker! Within the garden of Thine immortality, before Thy countenance, let me abide for ever, O Thou Who art merciful unto me, and upon the seat of Thy glory stablish me, O Thou Who art my Possessor! To the heaven of Thy loving-kindness lift me up, O my Quickener, and unto the Day-Star of Thy guidance lead me, O Thou my Attractor! Before the revelations of Thine invisible spirit summon me to be present, O Thou Who art my Origin and my Highest Wish, and unto the essence of the fragrance of Thy beauty, which Thou wilt manifest, cause me to return, O Thou Who art my God! Potent art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee. Thou art, verily, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious, the All-Highest.


“ … But for the burning of their souls and the sighing of their hearts, they would be drowned in the midst of their tears, and but for the flood of their tears they would be burnt up by the fire of their hearts and the heat of their souls. Methinks, they are like the angels which Thou hast created of snow and of fire …


Wei - Dawn_LO19_days_dawn_bearWei - Dusk_LO(1)19_days_sunset_bear

wei hai deng/left (nanjing, china): “我的上帝啊,…” – “O my God,…”
The fast has always given me the blessing of the opportunity to reflect on my relationship with myself. Not only does the fast give more time during the day for other things than food, it also gives my mind more space to ponder. It is truly a special and unique time of the year. The virtue I have been reflecting on today is “responsibility”. Service, family, studies, work, marriage? Spending every dawn and dusk in prayer with my loving wife has been such a blessing. Reflecting on the taste of life, I must say it is sweet and exciting.

victor jason/right (tampere, finland): This fast arrived at the most opportune time, again. Somehow I forget how much I miss the fast every year. Also, I forgot how cold one can get  sitting on a frozen lake in the wind.

day four

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Observe, for My beauty’s sake, the fast, O people, and set no limits to its duration.


“Oh Lord, enlighten my sight by beholding Thy lights in this dark night, and make me happy by the wine of Thy Love in this wonderful age.


dawn sunrise anyssa dusksunset anyssa

amelia samari/left (honolulu, hawai’i):Finding space this year to form new habits. Appreciating the gift of observing the Fast with my parents; my first teachers. Watching and learning from them.

From my father: his dedication, his wisdom, his strength.

From my mother: her love, her devotion, her patience.

anyssa samari/right (brooklyn, usa): I can do a lot of hard things. Like not eat or drink for 12+ hours. I can wake up earlier than I would like, and I can even run in the cold after drinking a strong cup of coffee. All of these hard things actually get easier with time. What seems to be getting harder with time, though, is being so far from my family. That is why I am so happy to share this day with my darling of a little sister. This has made me miss her a little less.

day three

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Even though outwardly the Fast is difficult and toilsome, yet inwardly it is bounty and tranquility. Purification and training are conditioned and dependent only on such rigorous exercises as are in accord with the Book of God and sanctioned by Divine law, not those which the deluded have inflicted upon the people. Whatsoever God hath revealed is beloved of the soul. We beseech Him that He may graciously assist us to do that which is pleasing and acceptable unto Him.


“I am greatly pleased with the city of New York. Its harbor entrance, its piers, buildings and broad avenues are magnificent and beautiful. Truly, it is a wonderful city. As New York has made such progress in material civilization, I hope that it may also advance spiritually in the Kingdom and Covenant of God so that the friends here may become the cause of the illumination of America, that this city may become the city of love and that the fragrances of God may be spread from this place to all parts of the world.


Chad Mauger 4 March 2014 Dawn19Days_RyanLash_Morn_RL5D8390Chad Mauger 4 March 2014 Dusk19Days_RyanLash_Eve_RL5D8461

chad mauger/left (adelaide, australia): Every year the Fast brings new lessons. In just these first few days I have re-examined my relationship with food. It has made me realize why I eat, apart from the basic physical need to do so. I have also experienced firsthand that “outwardly the Fast is difficult and toilsome, yet inwardly it is bounty and tranquility”: while my physical sense of hunger is heightened, my disquiet and anxiety is lessened. For this I am grateful.

ryan lash/right (nyc, usa): I constantly have to remind myself of the significance of this city that is now my home, the city of the Covenant. This morning, watching the sun light up the buildings from across the river was a good reminder. So far fasting this year has been a bit surreal as I’ve been so busy that I hardly notice that I haven’t eaten all day, which I suppose isn’t exactly the point of the fast now is it? But until the rest of the world gets on board with our schedule I guess that’s the way it’s going to be sometimes.

day two

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Be thou strong and firm. Be thou resolute and steadfast. When the tree is firmly rooted, it will bear fruit. Therefore, it is not permitted to be agitated by any test. Be thou not disheartened. Be thou not discouraged. The trials of God are many, but if man remains firm and steadfast, test itself is a stepping stone for the progress of humanity.


O Thou Who art the Lord of all names and the Maker of the heavens! I beseech Thee by them Who are the Day-Springs of Thine invisible Essence, the Most Exalted, the All-Glorious, to make of my prayer a fire that will burn away the veils which have shut me out from Thy beauty, and a light that will lead me unto the ocean of Thy Presence.



brianna baggett/left (brooklyn, usa): 

Letting go of my every complaint, my sadness and my impatience. 
Releasing the tension and anxiety.
Embracing my tests. 
Drinking in words of comfort. 
Breathing in the light.

Staying ever-present in this moment.

lindsey lugsch-tehle/right (haifa, israel): It’s hard to believe that this time last year my husband and I were preparing to relocate to the Holy Land to serve this Cause.  And now, having spent nearly one year here, I can’t help but feel abundantly blessed to have the opportunity to offer prayers at the Threshold during this season of purification and rejuvenation.  May we all be led to the ocean of His Presence by the light and the fire that is prayer.

day one

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O Lord!  Though we are but worthless plants, yet we belong to Thy garden of roses.  Though saplings without leaves and blossoms, yet we are a part of Thine orchard.  Nurture this plant then through the outpourings of the clouds of Thy tender mercy and quicken and refresh this sapling through the reviving breath of Thy spiritual springtime.  Suffer him to become heedful, discerning and noble, and grant that he may attain eternal life and abide in Thy Kingdom for evermore.


“I beseech Thee, O my God, by Thy Beauty that shineth forth above the horizon of eternity, a Beauty before which as soon as it revealeth itself the kingdom of beauty boweth down in worship, magnifying it in ringing tones, to grant that I may die to all that I possess and live to whatsoever belongeth unto Thee.



amy sahba/left (santa ana, costa rica): Praying for spiritual refreshment, for a renewed openness of heart. Praying to express gratefulness beyond words, and for forgiveness, always.

leila/right (colorado, usa): Prayers this morning made me think about unity of thought and action; all Bahá’ís around the world are engaged in spiritual recuperation through the Fast. These are special days, pregnant with mystery and bounty. As I write this, Lupita Nyong’o has won an award for her performance in the film “12 Years a Slave”. I wonder what the result would be if people around the world, en masse, witnessed this film and spent time in spiritual reflection on what we will do, in action, about the ongoing presence and legacy of slavery and racism.


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Maputo ABird

“They that are endued with sincerity and faithfulness should associate with all the peoples and kindreds of the earth with joy and radiance, inasmuch as consorting with people hath promoted and will continue to promote unity and concord, which in turn are conducive to the maintenance of order in the world and to the regeneration of nations.”


pj naw ruzNaw Ruz Adrienne Warren

“Through association and meeting we find happiness and development, individual and collective.”


kyan_naw_ruz2anyssa naw ruzmauricio_nawruzIMG_6152

“That which is conducive to association and attraction and unity among the sons of men is the means of the life of the world of humanity

NawRuzLindseyLugschTehleAnjali_Naw-ruzChad Mauger 21 March 2013 Naw-RuzElliott Naw Ruz

… and whatever causeth division, repulsion and remoteness leadeth to the death of humankind.”


leila naw ruz 2013leili egea naw ruzlayli samimi - naw ruznegeen-nawruzTowfighNawRuz2013

“The religion or guidance of God must be the means of love and fellowship in the world. If religion proves to be the source of hatred, enmity and contention, if it becomes the cause of warfare and strife and influences men to kill each other, its absence is preferable.”


RyanLashNawRuzBobby Aazami 19 Days Naw Ruz 2013

“Shut your eyes to estrangement, then fix your gaze upon unity.”



“That one indeed is a man who, today, dedicateth himself to the service of the entire human race.”



“Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and center your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements.”


bre naw ruzKat_Naw Ruz_2013glenn-nawruziain_simmons_naw-ruz

“The supreme need of humanity is cooperation and reciprocity.”



“The stronger the ties of fellowship and solidarity amongst men …

Kadria Simons_NawRuz 2013Fiona Gohari Aazami 19 Days Naw Ruz 2013 DSC_0088philby naw ruznaenny naw ruz 2013bronwyn proctor naw ruzJ Leaver Naw Ruz

… the greater will be the power of constructiveness and accomplishment in all the planes of human activity.”


Amy Sahba - Naw Ruz 3_1golrizlucina_atwatervillage_nawruz

“So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.”


zach naw ruznawruz

day nineteen

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“…cause him to enter Thy glorious paradise, and perpetuate his existence in Thine exalted rose garden, that he may plunge into the sea of light in the world of mysteries.


“These days are swiftly passing and this mortal life will remain fruitless and without result. Therefore, while there is yet time and the arrow is in the bow, enter ye the chase and strike ye the game.


amy sahba - dawn other optionleila dawn largeamy sahba - dusk finalleila dusk 2013 large

amy sahba/left (santa ana, costa rica): Absence is such tangible presence. A Fast dedicated to all those who have paved the way for us.

leila/right (sydney, australia): Sour fruit is still fruit. And there is always sugar.

day eighteen

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Know thou of a certainty that Love is the secret of God’s holy Dispensation, the manifestation of the All-Merciful, the fountain of spiritual outpourings. Love is heaven’s kindly light, the Holy Spirit’s eternal breath that vivifieth the human soul. Love is the cause of God’s revelation unto man, the vital bond inherent, in accordance with the divine creation, in the realities of things. Love is the one means that ensureth true felicity both in this world and the next. Love is the light that guideth in darkness, the living link that uniteth God with man, that assureth the progress of every illumined soul. Love is the most great law that ruleth this mighty and heavenly cycle, the unique power that bindeth together the divers elements of this material world, the supreme magnetic force that directeth the movements of the spheres in the celestial realms. Love revealeth with unfailing and limitless power the mysteries latent in the universe. Love is the spirit of life unto the adorned body of mankind, the establisher of true civilization in this mortal world, and the shedder of imperishable glory upon every high-aiming race and nation.


“Know thou that the Kingdom is the real world, and this nether place is only its shadow stretching out. A shadow hath no life of its own; its existence is only a fantasy, and nothing more; it is but images reflected in water, and seeming as pictures to the eye.



victor jason/left (tempere, finland): What a spectacular fast it has been! Even if every year I forget how hard fasting is… although I don’t seem to miss having coffee. I am really happy to have been involved with this project and had a chance to see how different photographers and creatives experience the fast. Hope the coming year will be as awesome as the fast has been.

negeen sobhani/right (oklahoma city, ok, usa): Sometimes when my world weighs heavy on me, I remember the words of Abdu’l-Baha quoted above. This life is but a shadow of the real world, with as much existence of the mere photographs we take to capture it.

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